basket weaving 2-23 Aug 2018

A2709510 9707 42DF 907D D4F8BD8A1F7FThis is a chance to spend three weeks in the forest in Sweden learning the basics of weaving and making baskets and other containers.

It will be more than just a weaving course, this is an experience into what it means to be human, living with and from nature. During the course we will live as a group in the swedish forest, sleeping outside, cooking by a fire and gathering and fishing part of our food from the local environment.

Over these three weeks the focus for the camp will be on making baskets, containers and other items using the materials from the forest around us.

You will journey through the whole process, from harvesting the wild plants, preparing the weaving material and weaving your own baskets.You will forage for materials, whilst learning how to harvest sustainably, within season and efficiently, so that you can use these skills in the future knowing that you've made your baskets truly from start to finish.

We'll cover traditional willow basketry with some pre-prepared willow, as well as more experimental basketry using wild harvested plants and roots.

We'll start with willow and make small baskets, and then move onto making large willow backpacks.
Using these backpacks we'll go on hikes away from camp to forage for mosses, bark, grasses, roots, cattails, rushes and anything else which stands out to you from the ecosystem that may be possible to weave with.
Creativity is encouraged and we'll be there as tutors to support you with your ideas. Letting your imagination run as wild as the landscape!

We'll go through different weaving techniques such as - frame baskets, stake and strand baskets, coil baskets, bark weaving and diagonal weave. Also cordage making and different braiding techniques. 

Over the three weeks there will be the opportunity to make a number of projects - a backpack, a woven hat, bark containers, woven baskets, bowls and bags using different materials. Shapes, styles and sizes to be determined by you. By the end of it, you will have the basics down to continue to make baskets and containers on your own.

There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the forest, and be part of creating woodland camp life together.

For more information and to reserve a place, send an email to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.. There is a limited amount of places for this course (twele people), and it is first people who reserve a spot who will get the spot. 

Link to Facebookevent:

Location: We will be in a wilderness camp, just south of Stockholm Sweden, called "Uvberget", near "Vackstanäs".

Date: 2-23 August 2018
(Notice that on the Facebook time for the event says it will start at 2:nd of August, and only go on for an hour. This is incorrect, and it is because Facebook does not allow for three week long events, which is what this will be)

Price: 10000-16000 kronor

We have sliding scale depending on you income

Student/very low income: 10.000SEK
Low income 12.000SEK 
Average income: 14.000
High income: 16.000 

(10 SEK is roughly 1 EURO)

Teachers: Jane and Jessie
We both grew up in the south of England, and have been lucky enough to study basketry for the last 8 years with a highly skilled craftsperson, wise elder and dear friend in Devon, UK, Linda Limeaux. Growing, harvesting, storing and preparing materials as well as weaving baskets and containers of all shapes and sizes.
Jessie and Jane run Nettleseed, sharing ancestral skills such as tanning, weaving and fire craft in the UK. Having journeyed stone age in the Mountains in the USA with Lynx Vilden and spent time living wild and primitively in the Swedish forests, their love for living close to the earth and crafting as our ancestors once did combine as their main passions.

Niklas works a wilderness guide in Naturliv. He has a passion for primtive living, survival skills, community living and tradional crafts. He has grown up in the area and will guide in gathering local plants, fishing and wilderness living.

See you in the forest, we look forward to weaving with you!

// Jane, Jessie and Niklas